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Over the years Iíve done several things on my website, many of which I no longer do. While Iím fine with some of those things being lost forever, there are other things Iíd like to keep. But they do tend to clutter up the main page of my website. So here are the things I used to do on this website that Iíd like to keep around, just not on the front page.

My web presence

Hereís where you can find me online.

Weekly Stories

For several years I tried to write a story each week to post here on my website or on some other site. These were short, often raw, stories many of which havenít aged well.

30 Stories in 30 Days

Iíve challenged myself several times to write thirty stories in as many days. Sometimes Iíve succeeded, while sometimes I failed miserably. These are often shorter and rawer than my Weekly Stories, and many of them havenít aged well either.

The Human Republic

The Human Republic is a vast universe of stories that has been on the back burner for the last few years. Iím still ďworkingĒ on it, itís just not in my top ten priorities right now. Which is why Iíve taken it off my main page.

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