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After hearing a talk by Jonathan Maberry about Social Networking for Writers, I started expanding my web presence. To keep things straight, here is a list of where all you can find me.

These are the sites I am on daily

My personal Twitter Profile.

My Twitter profile that’s just for writing related posts.

My personal Facebook page.

Here are the sites to check out my writing.

My Amazon Author Page.

My profile on myLot profile.

Oneoveralpha’s Writings blog, which is about ... writing.

Other sites of interest

Oneoveralpha’s Ramblings, a blog where I just ramble.

My Questions blog, where I pose questions to hopefully make people think.

And, my YouTube profile.

My Google+ Profile.

These are the sites I have, but don’t do much with

The Enjoying Scifi blog I run.

My Patreon profile.

My Empire Avenue Profile.

My StumbleUpon profile.

My Goodreads Profile.

My LinkedIn Profile.

The Twitter Account for the Enjoying Scifi blog.

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