Stephen L. Thompson's Monthly Stories

Monthly Story for March 2024

“Always a Catch”

With a smile, the waiter took the menus. “Is there anything else you need?”

Gary looked at Ann who gave a tiny head shake.

“No, we’re good.”

“All right. I’ll go put your orders in and I’ll be back shortly.”

After he left, Gary gave Ann a smile. “What do you think of this place?”

Ann looked around at the tastily dim restaurant. The numerous half-walls covered in plants made it seem smaller than it actually was. They had passed thirty-some tables to get to theirs, but now she could only see four. And the light, classical music covered any conversation. “It’s very nice. I’ve driven by a few times and wondered what it was like, but I’ve never had a good reason to come here.”

Gary’s smile widened, resulting in Ann blushing and fumbling with her napkin.

But only for a moment. After a quiet chuckle, she dropped her napkin back on the table. “May I ask a weird question? It’s … I know you shouldn’t talk about your exes, but this was something my ex-husband did at the start of every year, and it’s about the only good thing about him.”

Gary took a sip of water. “Ask away.”

“What are your goals for the year?”

Gary chuckled. “I want to be a famous writer who makes enough money from my book sales that I’m able to finally quit my crappy job.”

Ann sat up straight. “Wow. What have you written?”

Gary frowned. “Written?”

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