Stephen L. Thompson's Monthly Stories

Monthly Story for January 2024


“Are people still falling for those NFT things?” John asked.

Ben rubbed his chin. “But are the people who fell for NFTs readers?”

John sighed. He took a sip of coffee, then said, “What if, I bought ten thousand copies of your book, and then you bought ten thousand copies of mine.”

“All at once?”

“No, no,” John replied, shaking his head. “That would look suspicious. Better to buy like, one a week or-”

“For ten thousand weeks?” Sipping his coffee Ben stated, “You might want to check your math on that. Also, these thousands of books coming to the same address wouldn’t look suspicious at all. Not to mention, Alice loves you, but not enough to have thousands of copies of your book cluttering up our garage.”

Drumming his fingers on the table, John asked, “What are people really interested in?”

“Apparently, those true crime documentaries are popular.”

“Ah, so if I committed some grisly act, morbid curiosity might get people to buy my book, to see what was wrong with me.”

With a smile, Ben said, “You know, if I committed some grisly act against you, that would be a twofer.”

John narrowed his eyes. “Let’s keep thinking.”

Laughing, Ben said, “You know, we could, like … talk to … potential readers.”

Making a face, John replied, “But that would require talking to … people.”

Indicating himself, Ben asked, “Aren’t I people?”

“No, you’re a writer. There’s a difference.”

Ben started to reply, but shrugged and nodded.

After another sip of coffee, John asked, “You wouldn’t happen to know how much it costs to hire a skywriter?”

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