Stephen L. Thompson's Monthly Stories

Monthly Story for July 2023

Its Too Hot

After lifting the damp washcloth from his forehead, Jeff propped himself up on his elbow. He looked down on his boyfriend Doug sprawled on the floor before the couch scrolling through his phone and said, I think I just realized something.

Not looking up from his phone, Doug said, If you say youre my father, Ill hurt you.

Jeff sat up to bring him further from the fan on the arm of the couch blowing directly on him. No, see, I think the reason the government never did anything about climate change, is the way you change the government is protesting and marching and stuff like that. But its too hot to protest or march. Its easier to control people when their stuck in the little boxes of AC.

Doug looked up for a moment, then said, I think your tinfoil hats too tight.

Jeff sighed and lay back down. Who would wear a tinfoil hat in this weather? It would just bake their head.

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