Wordwrights Holiday Dinner II

Wordwrights Holiday Dinner II

Recently, the Pope invited me over for dinner. I was surprised, not being Catholic, but decided, “What the hell?” I was worried about not fitting in – being a laid-back kinda guy – but it turned out to be just a nice, casual dinner of spaghetti and beer.

(Although I’m afraid to say, after a few, the Pope did get a bit sloppy.)

Now, back to what passes for my reality.

As you can see by the two beer bottles before the Pope (and the “II” in the title) recently we had the Second Annual Wordwrights Holiday Dinner. It was held at Buca di Beppo in Exton in the Pope’s Room (hence, the Popey backgrounds.)

Most of the gang was there.

Including some guy taking pictures and some other people.

Some of our members could only be there in spirit.

But one former member managed to be there electronically.

I also tried to take a picture of one of our more famous members, but unfortunately, I was rebuffed by their bodyguard.

And then there was our waitress, nearly as weird as we.

There was some goofiness.

And numerous topics of conversation.

But the main reason we were there: The Food! (I don’t have that many food photos since I was too busy eating.)

I would like to say we handled ourselves with polite dignity, but the results speak for themselves.

Of course we saved room for dessert.

But there wasn’t much left by the time it got to me.

And, like any family, when we were finished we left the carnage for somebody else to clean up.

Coming Soon!

The life story of leftovers

Come to think of it, that is the life story of leftovers.

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