Wizard World 2008

Wizard World 2008

I recently attended the Wizard World Convention in Philadelphia. It was Ė in at least one sense Ė incredible.

Security at the event was tight, provided by the Empireís best. Although, private security was also present.

They were well organized, even having a line set up for a Coke machine.

But given their medical staff, Iím glad I didnít get sick.

At the convention you could find: Lou Ferrigno,

Geeks in the natural habitat,

Odd juxtapositions,

Some old guy,

Troops walking their beat,

Nude women with wings,

Posing werewolfs,

A disgruntled House-elf,

Superheroes clothes shopping,

And Lou Ferrigno.

On a serious note, there were informational booths,

And comics,

Comics, and more comics.

There were also a costume contest, but how this blurry, green thing didnít win Iíll never know.

And lots and lots of merchandise. But, given the audience, I donít think some sold that well.

Other events included: the dead rising,

Raptors running rampant,

And Martians attacking, so it was a typical convention.

Finally, in my search for the superhero who rolled up to the Pennsylvania Convention Center in this,

I caught a glimpse of something going down.

But I donít remember much after that.

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