Faire 2008

Faire 2008

Last weekend, some friends and I went to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. It was a nice day, even for people draging their rats.

There were some things there that were ... interesting.

Iím sure Iíll end up paying for that someday.

The Faire was a bit crowded,

with even the birds and the bees showing up in numbers,

but some people managed to stand out.

There were many interesting people there. From Fred, SpongeBob and Gene to Santa and the Doctor.

Even Barbie showed up, although she had let herself go.

I also ran into some ďdenizensĒ of the Faire, but I was so overwhelmed I was unable to get a picture of them, which probably saved my camera. Two people might get that joke, and Iím sure Iíll pay for it.

One amazing facet of the Faire was that everywhere you went, the Pope was there.

He was very Popeular. Please send all complaints for that joke to this Knut in Silly Armor. (Note the Pope in the background.)

All in all, it was a fun time and I canít wait until next year.

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