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The idea for this page started when I posted on sites that paid you a penny every time someone viewed your post. You could make a little bit of money on it, but a downside was you’d post a great article, only for it to become lost in the wasteland of the internet. Then I remembered I had a website. So I made this page to link to my best articles in the hope some internet traveler would stumble upon this page and find them interesting.

It was a great idea until those sites started going under. So most of these links are to my blog posts which I don’t want to get lost in the wasteland of the internet.

My short stories
My poems
General writing posts
Science and Technology
Random stuff

My short stories

Travels Beyond Imagination” is about an interesting history lesson in a lunar school room.

What sort of “Memento” will make it to another star system?

Here is a short story set in my Human Republic Universe, “An RI World

Here are two stories I wrote for Apollo 1 and Challenger.

Sometimes, risks need to be taken. Check out “The Greater the Risk” to see an example.

I first wrote “Cosmos: An Epic Adventure” for the premiere of Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey on a website that is no longer up. I reposted it for the end of Mythbusters because … I didn’t have a Mythbusters story.

What will people do on Pluto? Find out in “Kingdom of Beer.”

Jedi ER” is a silly story about Jedi with cut off limbs.

Autopilot,” a 25 word story.

The last man all humans are descended from may not have been such a good guy. Check out “Dad” to see why.

Some people claim that they would sell their soul, but what if it isn’t worth that much? My story “Buyer’s Market” explores that idea ... with a politician.

Here’s my short, political scifi story “Vote Yak.”

Star-Spangled Ploy” looks at the problems of banning flag burning.

Mighty Pen” deals with the trials of a First World writer.

Looking for a Thanksgiving story from the food’s point of view? Check out “Coming With Forks.”

Little Multicolored Lies” is a short little Christmas story that is based largely on something that happened to me one Christmas Season.

Check out some short, Five Sentence Stories.

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My poems

I had some haiku published in Writers’ Stew, Volume Two.

I posted some haiku for the fall/Halloween season.

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General writing posts

What’s the point of writing? My short story “The Point” offers one point of view.

As humanity begins modifying itself with technology into countless forms, will we develop a universal pronoun?

I love scifi, but I still have to ask, is scifi doing a disservice?

Check out my Wednesday Writing Prompts I do on one of my blogs.

I’ve also started a series of Random Writing Tips about, random writing tips I think of.

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Science and technology

I’ve started a series of posts on Possible Futures, things that may become possible in a few decades thanks to genetic engineering, automation, nanites, whatever.

An open letter to the AIs of the future.

The post where I announced the Stephen L. Thompson Lunar Exploration Prize.

My Thoughts on SpaceX’s moon plan: I hope it works.

It doesn’t seem to be a popular notion, but I think that Mars isn’t that important.

My thoughts on the best way to Making a quick buck on the moon.

When will The first murder on Mars take place?

The four ways we could explore Mars, and the problems with each.

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Follow as I, slowly, review every tale from Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales. I’m collecting them in blocks of twenty-five: List 1, List 2, List 3 ....

I’ll be reviewing The Complete Sherlock Holmes soon. Maybe.

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Orphan Black is my favorite show now on. To set up for Season 4, I’ve been reviewing the first three seasons. Here are my thoughts on Season One, Season Two, Season Three, Season Four, and Season Five.

My thoughts after a few episodes of The Orville and Star Trek: Discovery. After I gave up on Star Trek: Discovery I wrote up some thoughts on it.

Some of my thoughts on the first season of Colony.

Here are my initial thoughts after watching the first six episodes of Iron Fist, and later thoughts after finishing the series.

Some of my thoughts on Doctor Who Series 11.

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Here are some of my thoughts on The Force Awakens, as well as some ideas on what I would have done if I had been asked to write a Star Wars sequel.

Here are my thoughts on The Last Jedi, as well as some ideas for Episode IX.

Before Rogue One came out, I wrote up some Thoughts on Rogue One. I didn’t write up my thoughts after seeing it because I feel Rogue One is pretty forgetable.

Thoughts on Black Panther.

My Thoughts on Star Trek Beyond.

My thoughts on Ghostbuster (2016) Before I saw it. I was going to do a review after I saw it, but then life happened. A few weeks later when I remembered I was going to write up a review of it, I had pretty much forgotten the movie.

On one of my blogs, I’ve started Movie Mondays where I review a movie, on Monday. This is now paused, but I may get back to it someday.

I’m also reviewing every James Bond movie. This is also currently paused. I hope to get back to it someday.

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Random stuff

Would you eat human meat?

Is there an overreliance on the Second Amendment?

So you downloaded the plans to 3D print a gun from the internet. Was that wise?

The simple fact that The United States will end .

Is it time for a new Constitution?

Here are some of my thoughts on the whole “In God We Trust” on our money.

Are we just Hunter-gatherers of money.

Do not knowingly harm others, the future of law?

Could someone of today cut it as an old time doctor?

What percentage of conspiracy theories exist because of a simple misunderstanding?

Why “Deport them all!” is a stupid and dangerous idea

An idea I had for an alternative to a border wall.

Shouldn’t working fewer hours be the mark of a better world?

Some thoughts on The Cause Minefield.

Here are some posts resulting from the 2016 Election: Third Party Folly, Voting your conscience, My short story “Walls”.

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