Stephen L. Thompson's A Picture in Less Than 1000 Words

Stephen L. Thompson’s
A Picture in Less Than 1000 Words

While I was home for Easter weekend 2010, I was walking around the family farm and I snapped a picture of something I found interesting. Probably within a few seconds after taking the picture, I wondered what story I could write based on it. With more ideas than I have time to write, I wondered if I should see what stories my readers could come up with. Thus, “A Picture in Less Than 1000 Words” was born. Each quarter I give you a photo and you write a story, of less than 1000 words, based on it. You email me the story, I pick the story I like the most from the entries, and post the winner on this page. Easy, right?

PS. I’m saving the first photo for a latter quarter. You’ll understand why.

The nuts and bolts.

  • Email submissions to steve at oneoveralpha dot com (damn spammers).

  • I submission per author per quarter.

  • Paste your entry into your email. NO ATTACHMENTS.

  • Please include your name and, if you desire, your web address.

The Photos
and Stories

Click on the link to see that quarter’s picture and the winning story.

2010 First Quarter, Second Quarter, Third Quarter, Fourth Quarter

Third Quarter of 2010

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